Prevention in Mid-Maine

Mid-Maine Substance Use Prevention Coalition (MMSUPC)


The coalition was created to address health issues based on community input and local, county, and state data.  The number of drug overdose deaths in Maine has gone up significantly in the past three years.  The largest increase was 31% between 2014 and 2015. In that time, the number of overdose deaths rose from 208 to 272. Nearly everyone is touched by this overdose epidemic.

What is MMSUPC?

MMSUPC an affiliate of Healthy Northern Kennebec (HNK), which was awarded a Drug Free Communities (DFC) grant. We are committed to involving the whole community in learning about and taking action to address substance use.

What do we do?

We build strong partnerships with our local school districts, law enforcement agencies, and local business and community organizations to address substance use. We provide effective community prevention programs, policies, and practices. We teach classes at middle and high schools..We strengthen our impact by recruiting more members to our coalition so that our work will be shared.  It takes a village to raise a healthy child. Our work is intended to:

  • Reduce youth access and use of marijuana
  • Reduce youth access to alcohol
  • Encourage safe storage and or disposal of prescription drugs
  • Reduce youth access to prescription drugs
  • Provide education on medical marijuana and legalization
  • Reduce tobacco use among youth and adults
  • Increase awareness of Adverse Childhood Events (ACEs) and how it impacts long-term health, including substance abuse
  • Raise awareness of the impact of electronic cigarettes and delivery systems


Our programs and training opportunities are open for all coalition members. Staff takes the lead on program and policy work.


Our service area is comprised of 12 towns. These are Waterville, Winslow, Fairfield, Albion, Benton, Rome, Oakland, Rome, Sidney, Belgrade, Vassalboro, China, and Unity Township.


The Drug Free Communities grant is a five year award which began October 1, 2016.